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KARMA is defined as cause and effect or that which gives rise to a result.In other words everything that happens had at some time an action which caused it to happen. What we are seeing or feeling is the effect of a previous action. In the West we have a similar notion to karma, in the phrase what goes around comes around.The law of Karma is often thought of as an inherent principle of the universe, but in The Vedic view the super soul plays a role and is seen as the dispenser of karma. Karma is a Natural law, not a moral law which is not defined by our culture but applies to the whole human race. The Vedas describe karma as the ritual we do in life in fact all life really is,  is a repeated action which produces a result and each action has an effect which determines who we are & what we will become. In order to Understand our karma we have to understand ourselves                    


Karma manifests in our emotions & thoughts when we get angry at someone or if someone else’s actions make us angry.Ultimately the anger disturbs us and has more effect on ourselves than it has on the person who made us angry. The effect is on ourself. andwe have to deal with the consequences.

Out ward cause and effect is much more obvious to us. For example if you spill boiling water on your hand  and scald yourself the cause of the blister is clearly evident, but if  you take advantage of another person you may not see the effect until someone takes advantage of you. You may show kindness to another person, but he doesn’t seem to appreciate it and you’re disappointed, but the effects of your kindness will come back to you in a way that you don’t necessarily connect it to your original kindness. If you perform a charitable act without expecting any reward, the reward will come back to you in ways which you don’t see at the time. Likewise if you do a good deed with the intent to gain something it is not a charitable act.


In the journey of the spirit through its incarnations the Vedas say we the weare working out difficult karma as a process of purification. Suffering and misfortune allow us to see the most important things in life. Working through our difficulties allows us to evolve spiritually. Christianity says violence begets violence. Violence causes unhappiness not only in the person who is the victim of violence but also in the person who inflicts it.Non-violence brings peace in both the person who receives it and the person who practices it. What we do to others we do to ourselves.  

Karma manifests itself in the physical body. Supposing you eat a certain type of food.The food may nourish the body in a positive way, a food which gives a lot of energy and makes you feel satisfied. The cause of eating this food has a positive effect. Then you eat another type of food which gives you indigestion making you feel bloated. This food has a negative effect. We are much more likely to make a connection to a food we have eaten recently when we feel a bad effect, than to a food we have eaten in the distant past when we develop an ulcer for instance. Whatever goes into the body will have an effect on it of one sort or another, sooner or later.Everything has a reason and if we discover the reason then we can correct the circumstances which bring us pain & sorrow. Whatever happens has a cause whichhas been brought about by our actions. This makes us responsible for our own mental & physical condition. So if we have the means to create the problem so do we possess the power to correct it.


The cause of our health issues maybe very complicated and may even come from past lives but rest assured a cause is there.The healing power of ayurveda is that first we take responsibility for our condition with the understanding it was our actions which caused it. Then we have to take an active role in reversing the negative effects we are experiencing. Only we can change the chain of cause and effect, no one else except ourselves can break the cycle.

According To Ayurveda & Yoga - Ann Holaday


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According to Ayurveda & Yoga

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