Jan 14, 2015



Modern medicine is based on scientific research, clinical trials and sophisticated knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, and has evolved over the past 200 years or so. Advanced technologies, cellular and molecular insights reinforce its position as a driving force in the modern world.



Ayurveda and yoga on the other hand, arise from a philosophy which is thousands of years old and is fundamentally different from the reductionistic approach of modern medicine. Ayurveda and yoga recognize not just the body, but the mind, subtle body and soul as being integrated, and the human condition as energetic rather than merely physical. The practice of ayurveda and yogais to bring about balance and harmony rather than to address specific conditions and disease. The current drive towards proving that ayurveda and yoga are viable alternatives to modern medicine as a means of curing disease, will never be successful because the two approaches are based on entirely different principles.



It is becoming increasingly evident that modern medicine has its limitations as does ayurveda thereforephysicians and practitioners of the future will not only have to be competent, but to understand the limitations and advantages of both.



In the modern world where everything is changing rapidly, there is a movement towards integrating ayurveda into modern medicine, but education of physicians and practitioners isn't integrated at all. To become a physician is a very expensive endeavor and then to be an ayurvedic physician is also very expensive, both requiring seven years of training at least. What tends to happen is that physicians will choose to practice modern medicine because they cannot make enough money in alternative medicine, so we are not getting adequately trained physicians or practitioners in ayurveda.



An integrated education of physicians, practitioners, allied health professionals and volunteers is perhaps the only solution, but I fear ayurveda and yoga will become medicalized and lose their true value if we don’t address these issues in the evolutionary stages of change. More and more people around the world are being drawn to ayurvedaand yoga as an alternative to modern medicine, as a way of living and as a career. The ancient wisdom of ayurveda and yoga is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds, so it makes sense to place our efforts towards raising awareness as well as educating professionals.



The aim of ATAY www.ataytv.com is to inform the masses of the principles and benefits of all aspects of ayurveda and yoga using on-line talk radio linked to www.ataytv.com

According To Ayurveda & Yoga - Ann Holaday 



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