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When the doshas become aggravated they are the causative factorof disease. So disease is nothing more than the manifestation of aggravated doshas. Once we have analyzed our Prakriti or true nature, we can go on to look at the factors which disturb the doshas. These are aggravations. Each doshas becomes aggravated at certain times of the day and in particular seasons caused by weather changes. The doshas also aggravate at particular periods of our lives.

VATA AGGRAVATION The vata time is between 2PM - 6PM and 2AM - 6AM and in the fall or autumn season when the weather is changeable and windy. Vata becomes more dominant in the latter years. What this means the qualities of coldness, roughness, subtlety and mobility are more of a problem, in the afternoon, autumn and latter years. There are 80 diseases related to the aggravation of vataThere are many things which will aggravate vata not least is diet & lifestyle, digestion is weaker,so foods which are difficult to digest should be avoided and food should be fully digested before another meal. It is important to eat during pitta time and to avoid foods which have air and space qualities.

Vata governs all physiological  processes, organ functions, energy, breath, the nervous system and sensory organs, and due to dryness and lightness there will be constipation, abdominal  distention and colic. Staying up late, loud noises, flying and multi tasking are all aggravating for vata.

If these disturbances go on for a long time, symptoms of aggravated vata will occur. These are emaciation, weakness, dry skin, pain, stiffness,numbness and the development of jerkiness and twitches. The function of sensory organs will be diminished. Shivering, tremors, disorientation, incoherent speech, vertigo, dizziness, confusion, insomnia and depression are all signs of aggravated vata.

Once you recognize the qualities of dryness, lightness and mobility in your symptoms you are recognizing vata aggravation manifesting in the physical bodyand mind. When you understand how to treat these symptoms with opposite qualities then it prevents disease from developing into something deeply rooted.

A little bit of forgetfulness is one thing but senile dementia is quiet another.


Dosha Aggravation


Doshas become aggravated because of the environment, diet, lifestyle, age and environment. This state of the doshas is Vikriti and an important concept to understand in managing health. Videos and blogs at According to Ayurveda & Yoga Physical Health page.

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