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When the doshas become aggravated they are the causative factor of disease.So disease is nothing more than the manifestation of aggravated doshas. Once we have analyzed our Prakriti or true nature, we can go on to look at the factors which disturb the doshas. These are aggravations. Each doshas becomes aggravated at certain times of the day and in particular seasons caused by weather changes. The doshas also aggravate at particular periods of our lives.

PITTA AGGRAVATIONThe Pitta time is 10AMand 2PM, 10PM and 2AM at night and the pitta season is summertime when pitta is at it’s peak. The pitta time of life is the middle years starting in late teens to about 45 to 50 when Vata starts to aggravate.There‘s not a fixed year or period when aggravations change from one dosha to another. The end of pitta period for women is marked by menopause as pitta governs the production of hormones, there is an increase in body heat with hot flashes as hormone levels change and Vata increases. At puberty also when doshaschangefrom Kapha dominance, hormones are activated by Pitta. Pimples and redness of the skin are pitta aggravation. Men experience these effects even though periods and menopause mark the changes more significantly in women. Nevertheless, the same doshic aggravations are taking place at the same times of life. When the doshas are changing there are affects on the mind, in youth there is moodiness and in the change of life, ups and downs of body and mind.


Pitta governs all aspects of heat and all processes involving combustion giving warmth and colour. When there is too much pitta in the mind there is anger and violence. When pitta is disturbed there are burning sensations, increased body temperature, bleeding, skin diseases, insomnia, and jaundice. Any redness or inflammation indicates pitta and when acid and bile accumulate there will be infection. Red or yellowish discolorations in the stool, urine, eyes or skin, all mean an increase in pitta. Hunger, thirst, excess sweating, anger, incoherent speech, vomiting of bile or nausea all mark the presence of pitta.

Pitta people have a strong digestion so they must eat regularly and not allow themselves to get too hungry. They have an avid thirst as well and preferring cold drinks and cold conditions. Pitta aggravates with the exposure to the sun, drinking alcohol and eating hot spicy foods . As with fire burning out of control pitta will destroy and burn up the body causing pain and fatigue.


Dosha Aggravation Video


Doshas become aggravated because of the environment, diet, lifestyle, age and environment. This state of the doshas is Vikriti and an important concept to understand in managing health. Videos and blogs at According to Ayurveda & Yoga www.ataytv.com Physical Health page. 



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