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When the doshas become aggravated they are the causative factorof disease. So disease is nothing more than the manifestation of aggravated doshas. Once we have analyzed our Prakriti or true nature, we can go on to look at the factors which disturb the doshas. These are aggravations. Each doshas becomes aggravated at certain times of the day and in particular seasons caused by weather changes. The doshas also aggravate at particular periods of our lives. 

The kapha time of day is 6AM to 10AM and 6PM-10PM and the kapha season is the winter when there are cold damp conditions with a lot of heaviness and moisture in the atmosphere. In winter people don’t get enough exercise, tend to eat heavy foods and often gain weight they become couch potatoes and stay inside,it gets dark early and before long depression set in. In kapha times the digestive fire is depressed so it is better not to eat heavy foods early morning or evening. Childhood and teens are the kapha time of life and during this period the body is developing and growing which is why babies and young people need a lot of rest sleep. Kapha energy is vital for the development of tissues and building the body. However, if children eat too much heavy food and don’t get exercise they soon become heavy and lethargic which is why it is so important for children to be outside, running and playing during daylight and to be tucked in bed when the sun goes down without a lot of stimulation.  


Kapha aggravation results in too much weight and inhibits normal function, causing inactivity, heaviness and inertia which results in congestion and stagnation. There often be excess sleeping, swelling of the tissues, retention of water and feelings of heaviness. Kapha is cold and wet so when kapha is aggravated the skin is often pale, cold and clammy. Phlegm is kapha which is why children have a lot of coughs and colds, thereby they shouldn’t have very cold food and drinks especially during kapha times and when there is phlegm when milky, oily foods should be avoided. 

Kapha gives us endurance, sustenance and strength and is vitally important to the bodyand mind, but the forces of water and earth must not get out of control otherwise they will wear the body out thereby depleting its strength. There are 20 diseases related to kapha disturbances including anorexia, laziness, excess mucus, hardening of the arteries, obesity and impaired digestion.


Dosha Aggravation Video


Doshas become aggravated because of the environment, diet, lifestyle, age and environment. This state of the doshas is Vikriti and an important concept to understand in managing health. Videos and blogs at According to Ayurveda & Yoga www.ataytv.com Physical Health page. 



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