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THE DOSHAS are the qualities of the five elements which affect the nature of matter, for example moisture in the air causes humidity thereby changing the properties of air. When there is water in sand it has more earth properties and when there is air in it, it is dry and lighter. Air makes a fire burn more and when there is water in it, it goes out. These principles are so familiar to us that we don’t necessarily associate these qualities affecting the body and mind in the same way, but they do. The doshas are the causative factor of disease but also have a positive value to the body by supporting the tissues and organ functions.


In ayurveda we simplify the five elements into three categories: VATA - air and space: PITTA - fire: KAPHA - water and earth. Please refer to the blogs and videos on the five elements where I said we are looking at the energies of the elements not so much their physical nature although that is a factor. They are not physical structures, but physiological forces. There are spaces in the body, such as in the lungs where there is air, and we often use spacey, airhead, airy or light headed when describing the quality of air in a person, but not air itself.

We don’t mean there is literally a fire inside us, but we do talk about burning sensations, firey personalities and hot is often used. Water does literary exist within us and we know when we don’t have enough and excess is accumulating. We may describe a person as being wishy washy meaning the mind moves around like water or an earthy or stable person meaning they have the qualities of earth. We recognize the doshas by their attributes. When there is excess or deficiency in the attributes then the same is for the doshas.


Kapha dosha has the qualities of earth and water which are wet, dull, smooth, cold, soft, heavy and stable. The word kapha means phlegm, but this doesn’t mean that only phlegm is kapha. The attributes of kapha are cold, moist, heavy and slow. The forces of earth and water in nature are in the moon as in the influence over the tides for instance and is the Power of cohesion and is cooling. In the body kapha is “That which Binds” activated by water.” 

We talk about the “seat “ of the dosha meaning each dosha has a primary and secondary site in specific parts of the body. The seat of kapha dosha is the chest and stomach. Kapha is prevalent in the throat, head, bony joints, lymph, small intestine muscle fat, bone marrow, sperm and ovum and the sensory organs nose and tongue. Kapha, because of its earth and water qualities, gives substance to the body. 

Each dosha has a role to play in the functions of the body. The role of kapha is to provide the body with moisture, connection and solidity. It rules over mucus and is responsible for the solid nature of the body, its sustenance, strength and sexual power.  Our physical composition is mainly water. Kapha gives nourishment and support to the body and serves as a vehicle for the other two doshas.  

Kapha governs our emotions, nurturing us through water making us loving, compassionate, forgiving, modest and patient. When kapha is disturbed we become possessive and too attached to people and things.  The True Natural State of Kapha (Prakriti). Prakriti gives us our particular characteristics. Please review the video on “States of the Doshas” on the physical health page. Prakriti is what we are born with and is determined by the prakriti  of our parents. We each have a unique combination of Vata Pitta,Kapha and it is the same throughout life, it gives us our physical and psychological characteristics. It is like an energy form of DNA. You are what you are throughout your life and it does not change.There is questionnaire on the Physical Health Page where you can determine your own true nature.

Kapha characteristics make people robust with a thick body frame, they are well developed with sturdy bones, thick oily hair and strong even teeth. They tend to move slowly are good looking and have a deep voice. They are strong and healthy with good immunity and vitality. Kapha people tend to have a slow digestion and metabolism but are prone to obesity with joint and heart problems. The nature of kapha dominant people is calm, quiet and caring with a strong attachment to people and things so the accumulation of wealth amongst kapha people is quite common. 



The Doshas Video

Everybody has a unique combination of the five elements in the body which are called “Doshas" Vata Pitta Kapha. They must be kept balanced, when they are aggravated they cause disease. This and videos & blogs can be viewed at According to Ayurveda & Yoga  www.ataytv.org - Physical Health.



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