Jan 28, 2015


AHAMAKARA (EGO) SELF- CONSCIOUS MIND Everything in the universe is linked to everything else, but at the same time is separate.This separateness is ahamakara or EGO. It is the force which gives individuality. The ego is a problem of the mind because it gives separateness and it’s this idea of division that causes pain and suffering.


Ego has to exist for things to happen, somebody has to have the feeling that this body belongs to me for it to function. Every individual is different and has their own sense of “I”, but we tend to believe we are the centre and the only important thing. This is what gives us a sense of pride and is our ego operating as pride which makes us look down on others making us prejudiced and “right” The ego is our self-image and gives us ownership of our emotions as in “I like this” or “I hate you”. It gives us identity in “I am old” “I am English” and ownership “this is my body” “this is my car”. The ego identifies itself with the impressions of the mind. 

The ego operates through emotions and always wants to enjoy through sensations and for that it needs the mind, intelligence and senses. It can then expand and feel good about itself, but it is limited because it is never satisfied and therefore unhappy. It is through ego that we can expand our minds and achieve focus, but ego is not who we really are. It is like a way point where we make the choice between an outward directed mind and an inward directed mind to live in harmony with our true nature and deeper aspects of life.


BUDDHI (INTELLIGENCE) DISCRIMINATING MIND Buddhi acts like the processor of the computer and is the rational part of the mind which allows us to understand and be aware. It allows us to discriminate or ascertain truth and falsehood and good and bad. It is buddhi that give us values and principles and allows us to be objective in our judgement.  It is because of buddhi that we decide whether something is good for us or not, it allows us to question and to doubt.


Sleep is a function of buddhi. Without proper deep sleep then it will not function properly. The mind and motor sense organs all function through buddhi, it acts as a filter of information coming to the mind and is the basis of conscience. Buddhi is important to sanity because it functions properly in Sattva but in Rajas and Tamas its functions are disturbed.  



Buddhi has an outward and inward function. When directed outward we abuse people and nature for our own enjoyment and satisfaction. Directed outward buddhi discriminates through impressions of the mind such as sense objects, pleasures and desires and we delude ourselves into thinking this is where happiness and fulfillment lie and we get the idea the external is reality. We get caught up in ideas about ourselves and rationalize emotionally without looking at ourselves objectively and seeing the truth. Only when buddhi is directed inward do we have compassion and awareness and are free to manifest pure consciousness. When buddhi is directed  inward and functioning at a high level, it allows us to perceive reality and gives us wisdom. Only then can we say we are intelligent, mature, responsible and free from delusion. 


In ayurveda there is a principle of “prajnaparadha” which literally means “failure of wisdom” This can be interpreted as “misuse of intelligence” or misuse of buddhi. Prajnaparagha is considered to be the root cause of all disease, This is when we only use the outward function of buddhi misusing the body and senses for our own selfish desires.


ATAY Videos on "Levels of the Mind - Self Conscious (EGO) & Conscious Mind (BUDDHI)" 


The “Ego” gives us our identity, but can be a problem for us if we allow it to control us. The “Conscious Mind” is our intelligence and when directed inward brings love, peace and compassion. More videos on the mental health page, According to Ayurveda & Yoga


According To Ayurveda & Yoga - Ann Holaday

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