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GUNAS  are the qualities of the mind. Going back to the videos and blogs in the Origins Series we saw that the three gunas, sattva, the tendency towards purity, rajas the potential for action and tamas tendency of inertia are in prakriti until manifested by Purusha. The  gunas are the forces of nature. All creation is made up of a balance of these three forces and for evolution  to progress, each stage of creation needs a force to develop it into the next stage this is rajas. The force which checks the process in order to maintain the state produced is tamas. Therefore each stage of evolution forms the basis for the next stage. Each guna is present simultaneously in all creation and it is the gunas which give nature its diversification. It is through their interaction and transformation that the manifestation of all things occur including matter, mind, body and spirit. In ayurveda we use the gunas as a system to assess the quality of the mind. The gunas are the tendency not the action itself. For example, sattva guna is the tendency towards purity but is not purity itself.

Sattva means balance, order, purity and is the principle of Intelligence which brings about balance. It has an inward & upward motion and is Light in nature. Sattva quality of mind creates virtue, purity, goodness and harmony. It has the quality of honesty, humility and silence, and brings happiness & contentment. It is the principle of clarity, expansion and peace and the force of love which unites all things.

Rajasic The meaning of rajas is change, movement, activity, turbulence  and has an outward motion. It is the self motivation which gives power, wealth & recognition leading to fragmentation & disintegration. Rajas is the quality of ambition, selfishness, egoism, seeking pleasure and stimulation and the force of passion which causes distress & conflict within us. It is the force of action which causes imbalances in the mind resulting in pain and suffering.

Tamas literally means darkness, obscurity, and is the quality of inertia, lethargy and dullness. It’s the downward motion causing decay and disintegration. It is the principle of materialism, unconsciousness and greed. In nature it is the force of gravity which holds everything in place. Tamas is associated with delusion and ignorance and has the quality of  destruction. Because of its heavy, obstructive & turbulent nature. Tamas will create confusion, cowardice, laziness, ignorance, fearfulness, apathy, lack of willpower and discipline within us. 

The moment there is choice there is a lack of joy and peace.

ATAY Videos related to Qualities of the Mind - Sattva, Rajas, Tamas

The qualities of the five elements influence the mind, these are the GUNAS, Sattva (quality of purity and contentment) Rajas (quality of action and change) and Tamas (quality of inertia and dullness). More videos at According to Ayurveda & Yoga www.ataytv.com Ayurveda & Yoga Spirituality Page


Determining the Qualities of the Mind Sattva Rajas Tamas

 In order to reach a higher state of awareness, the mind must have a predominantly sattvic quality, that is purity of body and mind. Unlike prakriti (true nature) of body and mind the gunas can be changed through diet and lifestyle. By gaining control of rajas, the tendency towards action, tamas the tendency towards inertia the mind will become more sattvic. More videos & blogs at www.ataytv.com According To Ayurveda & Yoga - Spirituality Page


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