Feb 14, 2015


LOVE, HAPPINESS AND FORGIVENESS are feelings which we all face at some time in our lives, but they don’t become real to us until we experience the opposite feeling. In other words we don’t necessarily appreciate love until its gone, we don’t understand happiness until we experience unhappiness and we don’t always learn how to forgive until we are forgiven. 


Definition of Love: Nothing matters as long as there is love. Love is probably the only thing which cannot really be defined. We give flowers, hug each other and give offerings to show love, but something remains unexpressed and even if we spend our life trying to express how deep our love is, it is never fully expressed. 

Love is the finest of all emotions and the most powerful. You can hide thoughts, but feelings are much more difficult to hide. When you look into a person’s eyes, you can see their feelings but you can never know what they are thinking. A person can deceive you, but love can neither be hidden nor fully expressed. You don’t have to tell a person that you love them, your look will convey the love that you feel. When you love somebody, what is it that you love about them? Do you love their qualities, attributes or is it the person? What is it about that person that differs from another?


Types of Love There are three types of love described in Ayurveda. Sattvic or pure love does not expect anything in return, Rajastic or love arising from action is the love combined with feverishness and a desire to get something back. Tamasic or love from inertia is destructive, selfish and possessive. 


Divine Love is free from all these emotions. Worldly love is like an ocean but the ocean has a bottom. Divine love is like the sky which is limitless, infinite. From the bottom of the ocean you can soar into the vast sky. 

The ability to receive love comes with the ability to give it which is why we don’t always know how to respond when someone shows us love. The more centred we become the more we see that we ARE love and feel at home with any amount of love expressed to us. We realize that love is not an emotion but is our very existence.

Unconditional Love is often described as the love a mother has for her young. It doesn’t depend on the behavior of the other person, on their attributes or upon what they do or don’t do. You love them because you can't help it, you have no choice as it is your nature. Just as the sun has no other choice but to shine and always shines even beyond the clouds.  

Similarly, all the ups and downs in love do not take away your nature, which is pure, unconditional love. From conception to birth a baby receives love from its mother and when it is born it learns to love from her and loves unconditionally. Even when a mother punishes her child the child always loves her.  As the child gets older, love for the mother recedes and becomes focused on friends, then spouses and children of their own. The love of a mother never changes and divine love only grows and expands. 


Power of Love The most powerful thing in the world is love! We can win the hearts of people through love. The victory that comes out of ego is worth nothing whereas, even if you lose in love, it’s always a victory. Love is an inner strength that we all have but few of us ever see it. 

We are always much more suspicious of love then when someone despises us. We don’t believe it, but always think there must be a motive. But if someone demonstrates their dislike of us, we never question it and accept it immediately. Hatred is nothing but love turned upside down, it is the opposite guna, therefore love must be the antidote to hate. 


Magnetic Power of Love One who attains the fullness of love manifests it in all their actions, it has a magnetic impact, everyone around will feel secure in its presence. Whoever comes close to it will feel at home and comfortable. When we are at peace, we radiate peace to people around us and they become calm. 


Cleansing Power of Love You cannot talk about love when there is a terrorist is at your door or when someone is threatening you. However, there must be a way to get people who do not understand anything other than force to recognize the love within all beings. When there is conflict, communication breaks down and there is turbulence which causes stiffness and rigidity. Communication can only be reestablished through love, peace and patience. There is enormous power in love and in peace they have the power to purify everything around us. Tears of love will purify families, traditions, towns and villages and purify the earth.


Love and Peace  These days we accept food and music from every part of the world. You don’t need to be Chinese to eat Chinese food, or be Italian to eat pizzas and you don’t have to be Indian to listen to bhajans. However we do not accept that the world has different cultures, different customs and religions. We must learn to accept all cultures and religions which have as much to offer us as we have to offer them. With all the fanaticism of one sort or another in the world today it is essential to educate children to understand and respect other cultures, customs and religions and build a sense of belonging in the world. If a child grows up thinking anything other than their own is unacceptable then all we have is division instead of unity. 


Education and Love In the modern world there is a lot of talk about love. Let’s face it love and sex sell and advertising does nothing but exploit it. Children are bombarded with images long before they are able to digest them and they grow up believing that love only exists in sex. Is it any wonder that there is so much depression, violence and drug abuse amongst young people. All living beings need love it is essential to the well-being of all living things.

In modern society we seem to do everything we can to bypass love. We take farm animals away from their mothers and never allow them to be nurtured. We then eat this meat which doesn’t have the essential ingredient of love. All it has is fear, bewilderment, anxiety, loneliness, depression, the same problems of the “modern-day” human. 

Everything we put into our body is food, we are what we eat, and our food has to contain love in order for love to become part of us. Children brought up on fast food and live on factory produced meat, processed food, genetically engineered this and that and served by people who have no connection to them will not have that loving energy. When food is prepared by our mother or a person who loves us, love comes into us and has value far beyond that of nutrition.


Excerpts from sayings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

According To Ayurveda & Yoga - Ann Holaday

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