Feb 18, 2015


We fail because we are obsessed with success. If there is no competition, ambition and expectation, then there is no failure in life. When we take success and failure in the same stride, then they all become a part of our learning process called experience. With competition, the conflicts in life commence and hence worries, stress and chaos. Success and failure, like day and night are two sides of the same coin called Karma (Deed), and we all know that failure is the stepping stone to success. So logically we should know our shortcomings first, only then can we transform them into success.  However it is never a gamble like tossing a coin in the empty sky to decide blindly that all heads win and tails lose. Life is not meant to be tossed in empty space, but to be transformed in the fire of knowledge like the purification of gold.


Failure and success in life are due to our own negative and positive attitudes of mind. Some of the contributing factors of this negativity are fear, faithlessness, fake, fraud, forgery, fanaticism, frivolity.  If we can remove these seven Fs, then we are blessed with positive attitudes which lead us to success. Make a list of people who have utterly failed in your society or family, then you will find these negative traits predominant in their character.


So let us discuss each of these negative traits to see how they dominate our thoughts, words and action which contribute to failures in life and learn ways to burn them into the fire of knowledge, converting them into positivity, with a purity of 24 carat gold. Success lies in enriching life with wisdom!    


Fear: is a built in protection for a secured life and survival. The moment we come out of our mother’s womb, we cry out of fear because we have left the most secure place in the world. Life henceforth becomes a flux and we risk for its survival. Slowly our society teaches us to compete with odds to face the challenges of life. Religion corrupts us with its dogmas and doctrines, which suppress and condition our innocent mind. Taboos of sex make us a sinner and to redeem those sins, we have to run to temples, churches and mosques out of fear of God. The last judgment of this punishing God make us fearful of death. Thus from womb to tomb we all live in fear


Where there is fear, there will be no love. In order to invoke love, we should have freedom from fear of the past and future. Freedom comes when we die out from our past and from our past religious and political ideology. When we are totally free from all the past conditionings of our mind, then we are blessed with positive vibrations. Similarly we are too anxious about our future and scared of old age and death. Sorrows of the past and anxiety of the future always cause fear in our mind. Because of this fear, we forget to live in the present, here and now. Love is being now, here or never, we can never pre-pone or postpone love. We hate those which we fear and Kundalini meditation at Muladhara Chakra and Swadishthana Chakra can transform fear and hate into love. To be successful in life, we must invoke love first. Unconditional love is the greatest blessing in our life and the key to it is fearlessness.


Faithlessness:  Most of us have faith in our own manmade religions and rituals. Out of fear, we mostly run to God and “god men’. Out of love, we run to our beloved nature. Whenever, we are happy we go out into nature’s abundance for love and when we are sick, we go to the temple to beg.  There you can never hear a joyous prayer, but all begging for health, money and peace, but in nature only can we hear the poems of bliss.


Sinners visit temples for solace and redeemers search in nature for positivity. So to redeem all our negativity we should seek the benevolence of nature. But most of the time we exploit her in the name of exploration.  For positive vibration we should have faith in her and be faithful for her abundance in blessings. Most of mankind’s failures are due to its negative attitudes of plundering nature’s fundamental laws out of their egoistic blunder. To be successful in life, we have to love and live with nature, and then we can receive her benedictions in plentitudes.


Fake: Genuineness is the keyword to success and to make a pretext, which appears genuine will never take us far in life. The pretense of being a good son, a good husband, a good father and a good politician is the curse of present society. Most of wedlocks, both arranged and love marriages, break due to this fallacy. Many business houses collapsed due to the falsehood in their operations. Politicians lose their credibility due to their falsification. We should always be true to ourselves, to succeed in life. ‘Truth is God and it is God’, said Mahatma Gandhi.


Fraud: Any criminal deception to gain an unjust advantage leads to failures in life. Ulterior motives to make a faster buck, fame and name compel us to take wrong steps. We are all greedy to become rich and find an easy way out through fraudulent methods, forgetting that one day we will be caught. Honesty should not be a mere good policy, but our way of life. Honesty always pays rich dividend in the long run. ‘In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act,’ said George Orwell. It is a selfless act, above selfish motives. An honest man is always trustworthy. Trust is the key word to success.


Forgery: Forgery happens mostly in shady financial dealings like shares, deeds and currencies. Big companies and countries get involved in such business. The recent economical burst in America and the huge Indian telecom scams are due to such large scale forgery of business contracts.  It can even collapse the economy of any developed country. The Indian currency the ‘Rupee’, is being forged by Pakistan to bring economical downfall in India and American dollars are being forged by rogue countries.  By forgery, the integrity of a country is lost in the eyes of universal brotherhood and it will never prosper. Morality will be lost in such society, where justice is absent. Generations together have to suffer for such crimes.


Fanaticism: Misguided enthusiasm in socio-economics or religion-politics can bring doom to any country. USSR disintegrated due to fanaticism in socio-economics, while Afghanistan and Pakistan are doomed due to religion-politics. Now Chechnya and Russia have locked their horns due to this problem. Fanaticism is not in the systems and terrorism not in the weapons, but in our thoughts. All divisions are negative thoughts which will bring violence in action and conflicts in the society. This is true for individuals, a families, society, a countries and the world. To remove fanaticism, we have to die off our old political and religious ideologies prescribed by our “so called” holy doctrines and dogmas. Ultimately we have to say goodbye to rituals, superstitions and violence. Anything which divides humanity, should be avoided in life for the sake of prosperity of mankind.


Frivolity: Most of the time, our mind is engaged in the frivolities of life which wastes our time and energy. Instead of concentrating in our studies, most of our student life is wasted on silly things and it still continues in our life. In order to avoid failure, one ought to rise above life’s frivolities, to enrich life with rich and great occurrences. Life is an opportunity to do noble things, we should avail it with knowledge. We should keep our mind focused more on positivity, to invoke wisdom of self-discovery, then our journey of life will be highly rewarding. If our mind is filled with frivolities, then frailty will be our characteristic trait, more liable to err due to negative temptations. 


Thus it is very obvious that failures are due to our mental attitudes inclined to negative vibrations. Such people are always pessimistic and lethargic towards life. They are always jealous about others’ achievements, back biting and creating problems in the family and society.  Due to a lack of creativity, their idleness becomes a devil’s workshop. Their basic animalistic instincts could be transformed only through Kundalini  meditation on the chakras with choice-less awareness. Then the failures of life could be a lesson to gain courage, to march ahead with renewed zeal and fresh determination. Or else, God’s own planet earth will be inhabited by the devil’s own people, creating a hell on earth. If mountains, oceans, trees, birds and animals can create a paradise on this earth, why not human beings with evolved brains, it only needs an attitude to change from negativity to positivity.  Because success is our birthright!!!


Shivoham Krishna Temple -  C.V. Ravindranath.

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