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 Never did I know what life is - Until I knew what love is! “

Deeds are the resultant factors of our attitudes and inclinations (vasanas) expressed through our thoughts which ultimately decide our destiny. Man is just a bundle of thoughts expressed through words and actions. Hence we are responsible for all our deeds whether they be good or bad; thus we reap what we sow in life. Therefore, it is our responsibility to think twice before we leap forward in any action. Our thoughts, words and deeds have their own repercussions in us, society, the world and in nature, because we are the world which constitutes Universal Consciousness. If we can find harmony with them, it amounts to success in life which is a positive attitude. If we contradict, then it becomes negative attitude. ‘The earth has a skin and that skin has diseases, one of its diseases is called man’, said Friedrich Nietzsche. 


The secret of success in life depends upon the following seven Ds with which we should manage our daily doings, they are Desire, Discipline,  Decision, Determination, Dedication, Destiny, Divinity.


Desire: In life, we should always have a genuine desire to live – a passion for life, a compassion without any specific reason e.g. social commitment or eco-friendliness and it should be a part of our being. Love, peace and harmony are part of our existence. Our desires should be above all selfish motives, for higher realms of life, which will enkindle our creativity. Most of the time we are bored with life, because our desires are limited to materialistic and commercial gains, which only quench our basic instincts. Such desires are the cause of pleasure and pain in life. Because of this, Buddha said “desires are the cause of all our sorrows.” If we can elevate our desires to higher realms of creativity, then we will find a pleasant solace in life. Creativity is close to spirituality and in its pursuit we will perceive the true self in our inner being. Thus, genuine desires lead us to self knowledge or self realization. The ultimate purpose in life is to acquire this wisdom. ‘Let not the fruits of action be thy motive, nor be thy attachment to inaction’ – Bhagavad Gita 2. 47. 


Discipline: To acquire genuine desires, we must have a disciplined mind, which will not run away with our basic sense and sensibilities. We should have an orderly sensitive mind. Orderliness comes from our daily habits while sensitivity or compassion is a passion for all living beings. Sexual instinct is sensibility, while love is sensitivity,. Sex and love can be confused as sentiments and only discipline can distinguish between the two. The word ‘discipline’, is derived from ‘disciple’, which means to learn. So discipline implies the learning process of intelligence making the intelligent mind more disciplined, compassionate and truthful. Discipline is not achieved by suppression but through choice-less awareness. It is never a god fearing mind, but truly nature loving, with freedom of death and unconditional love. A disciplined mind is ever-learning and never caught up in any ideology of the past. It has the freedom to soar into the higher realms of consciousness. Such a wisdom is only acquired through a disciplined mind.


Decision is like justice – justice delayed is justice denied. Our decisions should be here and now or else we are nowhere. They should be our own, intuitive and without any outside influence or force. Usually decision are influenced by a political or religious ideology to which we belong. Our decisions should authenticate social justice, laws of the state and fundamental laws of nature leading to Truth. Only when decisions are truthful will our desires become deserving. They should have social commitments and the welfare of all beings to usher in nature’s benevolence. There is an old saying which says “we shall get what we deserve and not what we desire.” All desires should be guided by knowledge in order to make them deserving. Only a disciplined mind can make the right decisions at the right time and place so that deserving desires materialize in life. The resultant factor of these deeds is the destiny which we carve out for ourselves. Therefore, desire, discipline and decisions contribute to our deeds which lead us to success or failure in life for which we are responsible. A great leader shows the ability to make decisions and act boldly in the face of setbacks and adversity.


Determination: Our desires, discipline and decisions should be pursued with determined to make things happen. Life is full of failures which are the  stepping stones to success and require a strong will power. The purer our thoughts the stronger will be our willpower. The power of will is like a pool of energy whose source is the ‘Pure Being’. Willpower infuses our mind and body with courage, energetic zeal, enthusiasm, self motivation, inspiration and vision of our mission in life for achievement, fulfillment and contentment.


Dedication: If determination is followed by perseverance, then it becomes dedication. Unless we dedicate our life to a vision and mission, the purpose of living will be lost, we will merely vegetate and procreate for a biological purpose. Dedication is the spiritual process of desire born out of compassion, so it is above all selfish motives, commercial interest and material gain.  When it becomes egoless, then we can experience a union with “Universal Consciousness”, where we are blessed with Universal Intelligence and Compassion. Benediction of the cosmic energy takes place at this realm.


“If we follow our desires passionately, the whole Universe will conspire to help us achieve it”, said Paulo Coelho in his book, “The Alchemist”. Buddha rightly said ‘your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.’


Destiny: is neither the end nor death and nothing to do with the “last judgment.” Destiny is the sole purpose of a life of experiences, relationships and its process is learning. So knowledge becomes a part of this learning process. Knowledge is the daughter of wisdom and wisdom is the daughter of truth. If our destiny is guided by compassion then it becomes divine.


Divintity is a blessing in disguise when we dedicate our destiny to compassion. Only a compassionate mind which abides with truth, can we achieve purity in our deeds (Karma) and righteousness (dharma) in life.  Thus divinity is the spark of purity achieved through our own desire, discipline, decision, determination and dedication in our deeds. So destiny is not so far away in the cruel hands of some god of punishment on the final day of any judgment. It lies in our heart as  vision, in our head as mission and in our hands as action and through our own disciplined desires and determined decisions for a dedicated life with divinity. This is called life on this earth and it is full of relationships helping  us to know what love really is.      


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In order to reach a higher state of awareness, the mind must have a predominantly sattvic quality, that is purity of body and mind. Unlike prakriti (true nature) of body and mind the gunas can be changed through diet and lifestyle. By gaining control of rajas, the tendency towards action, tamas the tendency towards inertia the mind will become more sattvic. More videos & blogs at According To Ayurveda & Yoga - Spirituality Page


“Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram“, means Truth with Peace is beautiful, here beauty is love.

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