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The Ayurvedic process brings about a new interpretation of the understanding between doctor and patient. A qualified Ayurveda doctor not only examines the physical body, but documents an extensive personal and medical history. Most of us are familiar with visiting a health care provider when we feel ill. The provider makes a diagnosis and determines the cause. The treatment is then geared towards selecting a technique to battle the pathogens. Invariably the same medicine, and same procedure and dosage are used for all those battling the same illness. 


Ayurvedic diagnoses and subsequent treatments differ from the Western model in that the diagnosis is made not only on the basis of disease level (called ROGA), but on the patient level (called ROGI). This exhaustive examination helps the Ayurvedic doctor to diagnose the disorder and tailor treatment for each individual patient.


The Ayurvedic doctor considers the whole human being, believing that people have within them the required energy to bring the body back to a healthy, balanced state. So instead of focusing on a treatment or medicine to heal the illness, the Ayurvedic doctor concentrates on a technique to strengthen the healthy elements inherent in everybody that will in turn help the individual to recover. This is called SVABHAVOPARAMAVADA, the Ayurvedic principle of helping the body to call upon its own energy to heal. Treatments and medicines are a vital part of this process, but only to act as support for the body rather than to be the cure.



There are two very important parts to this unique healing process, the selection of oil and of the music. Different people have different needs so the Ayurvedic doctor has to prescribe the oil and the appropriate sounds to be used. After hundreds of years of experimentation many different oils can be selected for Shirodhara. There is a type of resonance established between the oil and sensitivity of the third eye. As the oil is poured on that particular spot it will deepen its sensitivity, so Shirodhara treatment, when applied correctly will give a very deep experience and outcome.


Shirodhara is the king of healing modalities. Through the senses, it expands the conscious mind by separating the unconscious mind from negativity.


In the distant past cures for disease were always found in nature and the advent of drugs is a very recent phenomena. However, the pendulum is swinging back towards traditional remedies. Natural remedies have an obvious appeal but they are not based on the same criteria as medication as they restore health rather than treat and cure disease. However, they definitely reduce the dependency on drugs and invariably help to avoid them altogether. Ayurveda healing energy, known and practiced in the Indian sub-continent for centuries and passed down from generation to generation gives more than a prescription pad to bring relief, peace and happiness. 

There has to be an integral approach to health and to work closely with patients to find the unique solutions to their presenting symptoms, drawing on a variety of ayurvedic techniques.


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