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To many, Shirodhara is simply an unbroken stream of oil impinging on the forehead, i.e.oil being poured over the forehead while lying in a relaxed position. But is that all this oldest living healing therapy entails? Such an image presents a very limited view of Ayurvedic Shirodhara. Very few people realize that Shirodhara is highly specialized and scientific derived from ancient healing practices that flushes out all garbage from mind and body resulting in a feeling of freedom from gravity.


The whole process of Shirodhara is the awakening of intelligence on a cellular level to bring self-awareness which is observing the self and recognizing the feeling as it happens inside and outside. This is the first step towards perfect health and is what we all long for and is what we deserve. 



There is always a lot of discussion about intelligence. Is knowledge intelligence? Is skill intelligence?

In Ayurveda we consider two types of intelligence –


Innate Intelligence - SWABHAVIK 


Cognitive Intelligence - MANUS  which derives from our education and is what we learn. It involves many categories.

Moral intelligence -  is the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Social intelligence - is the ability to understand other people around us. Emotional intelligence - is a skill that helps people harmonize. We learn to manage emotions appropriately by learning what lies behind a feeling, by finding ways to handle fear, anxiety, anger and sadness. We learn to channel our emotions in the service of a goal, exercise emotional self-control, delay gratification and stifle impulses. In showing empathy, we display sensitivity to the feelings and concerns of others by taking their perspective.

In relationships we try to understand the emotions of others thus developing social competence and skills.

Spiritual intelligence - is a relatively new concept which is not necessary related to religion. Spiritual intelligence is the human need and talent for finding meaning in experiences. It is our access to and use of meaning, vision and value in the way we think and the decisions we make. 

Above all is environmental intelligence, which is essentially communal intelligence.


Most cognitive intelligences are washed away at the time of death and only a few carry over to the next life to become part of SWABHAVIC innate intelligence. Innate intelligence can be demonstrate by a cow finding its mothers teats within minutes.

All of us are born with this SWABHAVIK Innate Intelligence. It is important to remember this as it brings with it the means towards complete self-healing.


The process of Ayurveda is to awaken cellular intelligence which is not only our strength, but also our weaknesses. Every cell, every organ knows its limitations, what it is capable of and what it is not. Cellular intelligence brings about total harmony inside and out. It is a time-tested fact that the process of disease starts in the aura (conscious networking) of a human being. Illness is nothing more than disturbance of innate intelligence. There are different causes for this – some of which include bio spiritual consciousness. There are also many diseases that impact on physical and mental health.


The process of impaired awareness begins in the unconscious mind and we engage our self in incorrect life patterns. Slowly TAMASIC FORCES (bad spirits, bacteria, or viruses) take over our activities. Initially we cannot see the effects and causes and we only become aware of these subjective symptoms once our vital organs are effected.


For example we may feel alarming symptoms such as lack of energy, mood swings and sleep disturbances, but we tend to ignore these in favour of a robotic lifestyle. This involves the consumption of contaminated food as well as a world of digitization and dependence on it which is the truth and reality of life today. We cannot and must not ignore this fact for any reason. We must find a balance between work and being and the answer is not a quick fix from pharmacy counters, a gym or a healer. The answer lies in working around the impact of the system within ourselves.

Furthermore, we must understand that with a conventional approach, anything that is overcome has to be conquered again and again. Problems are never completely overcome. The issues can only be understood, but not conquered. We can try to resist, dominate or do battle with the problems which only creates further conflict or we can build a defenses against them.

Alternatively we can understand our fear, go into it fully step by step and explore the whole content of it, in which case the problem will never return in any form. That is what Ayurveda is all about.


AYURVEDARAM  -  Dr. Ram Garg BAMS, MD Ayurvedacharya (Kurukshetra University India)

Ayurvedic physician and Panchkarma expert

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