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The third eye functions for an ayurvedic physician in much the same way as a progress chart does for an allopathic doctor where a daily monitoring of the patient’s temperature, BP and Pulse is recorded. When the doctor reads the chart he/she can see the condition of the patient. Similarly, in Ayurveda the third eye indicates the condition of a person and the Ayurvedic doctor is able to make a diagnosis, recommend the changes needed and provide a therapeutic remedy.

The third eye or “AGYA” chakra in ayurveda and yoga is the very center of our willpower because whatever we have in life is governed by it. Whatever order and harmony there is in life arises from this point. As soon as the third eye becomes active, the mind-body duo stops giving orders and instead starts to obey the true self or our spiritual nature. The whole mismanagement is reversed.


Many experiments have been performed in Ayurveda to awaken this center. As soon as the third eye is activated, suffering is separated and we are able to “see”.


There are two historically factual events which demonstrate the power of the third eye and make it’s significance easier to understand. 


1) In 1888 a person named Ramanujan was born to a poor Brahman family in South India. He was not well educated but still his genius in mathematics was unique and he became a very famous mathematician. He has no training or guidance from anyone and with great difficulty he got a clerical job. Very soon news spread of his hidden emerging talent in mathematics and it was suggest that he write a letter to the famous mathematician professor Hardy of Cambridge University who was an eminent mathematician in those days. He did not write a letter, but instead solved two theorems of geometry and sent them to Professor Hardy. Professor Hardy could not believe that someone so young could solve such theorems and immediately invited Ramanujan to go to England. Hardy said he felt like a child in the field of mathematics compared to Ramanujan. His genius and the capabilities were such that they could not be due to mental powers alone because intellect moves very slowly, thinking takes time. Ramanujan did not take any time at all to respond to Hardy’s questions, no sooner was the problem written on the blackboard or put to him verbally then Ramanujan responded immediately. It was very difficult for this great mathematician to understand how a problem which should have taken six hours to work out was solved instantaneously and unerringly by Ramanujan. 

It was clear that Ramanujan was not responding through the medium of mind. Even though he was uneducated and had no other intellectual ability, in mathematics he was super human. He died when he was thirty six of tuberculosis and when he was in hospital, Hardy visited him. He told Professor Hardy just before he died that his number plate had four special aspects to it. It took Hardy six months to understand what Ramanujan meant but only discovered three of the four aspects. Twenty two years years after Hardy’s death, the fourth was discovered - Ramanujan was right.


When the third eye is activated it is possible to see events and scenes of different worlds in their entirety. It is like looking out of the house through a small hole in the door when suddenly the door opens and you see the whole scene before you. When Ramanujan looked at a mathematical problem something happened in the space between his eyebrows and  he would turn his eyeballs upward towards the middle space described as the third eye and he would see the solution. No one could understand this Ayurvedic phenomenon nor any Western mathematician since.


2) Another event demonstrates the power of the relationship to the third eye.

Edgar Cayce died in 1945. In 1905 he fell sick, became unconscious and remained in a coma for three days. The doctor said he was unable to bring him back to consciousness that he was in such a deep coma that perhaps he would never come out of it. Medicines were tried, but there was no sign of his regaining consciousness. However on the third day of the coma Cayce, started to speak and said that he had fallen from a tree and injured his backbone and that he needed some herbs. He suggested some herbal medicines to be given to him and then he would recover. The herbs which he requested were not likely to have been known to Edgar Cayce and at first the doctor did not take him seriously, but because Cayce had named them specifically they were given to Cayce and he recovered fully within twelve hours.


When he regained consciousness, Cayce could not remember suggesting such medicines, neither could he remember the incidence. 

This event was beginning of a rare happening for Cayce and he became an expert in suggesting medicines for incurable diseases. He cured about thirty thousand people during his life but even Cayce himself was not able to explain it. He could only say that whenever he closed his eyes to look for a treatment, his eyes would turn upwards towards the center of his eyebrows. He eyes would become fixed there and he would forget everything and only in that state would the recommended treatment come to him. 

Two of his remedies are worth recording.  

A very sick woman from the Rothchild family was brought to Cayce and he suggested a particular medicine. Rothschilds searched throughout America without success when after three weeks a man from Sweden wrote to say that his father had patented a medicine of that name but had never manufactured it and he send the formula. The medicine was sent to the woman and she recovered. How could Cayce have known of a drug that was not even available on the market?


In another incident in which Cayce suggested a medicine which could not be found and a year later a newspaper announced that it was available. In other words while the medicine was being tested in the laboratories and wasn’t even named, Cayce had known about it. The medicine was given to the patient who soon recovered. 

What do we call this state of mind of Edgar Cayce? We would say it was an unconscious state, but Ayurvedic Seers who knew about these mysterious happenings, would say he was fully conscious and that unconsciousness continues until knowledge reaches the third eye.



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