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There is no description of Shirodhara in ancient Ayurveda scriptures. It was introduced by Sage Nagarjuna in the second century B.C. probably to combat fear and uncertainty caused by intruders of the Indian sub-continent. Modern Ayurvedic Shirodhara is not only beneficial to people who are suffering from poor health, but to those with a healthy disposition by assisting in maintaining wellbeing and wellness. It is a curative remedy but also a wonderful preventative treatment, rather like rebooting the system or servicing the car. It helps us to take charge of our health by improving cellular intelligence. 


Kundalini energy regulates the automatic function of the nervous system through hormones and it controls body temperature, hunger, thirst, water balance, sexual and metabolic function and is related to emotions and sleep. No one really knows what this powerful force is which brings both joy and sorrow so quickly and there is a lack of understanding even amongst the scientific community of “neurohormonal” function. Although there is a lot of knowledge there is a great deal that is still a mystery. 


Ayurveda considers the major function of Kundalini to be the link between the physical and subtle bodies. Ayurvedically a human being is two halves, made up of positive and negative poles, Shiva and Shakti. There should always be a balance between these poles which is controlled by a point between the third eye and the back of the scull called “Agya Chakra”. This controls most functions in life. The effect of Shirodhara is on the 6th Chakra, (AGYA) which is the junction between personal and collective consciousness. The sixth chakra controls hormonal secretions by receiving information from brain cells and from the endocrine system via a complex negative feedback mechanism.


Ancient yogi’s were not mere dreamers of cosmic consciousness but realized that the body and mind are inextricably joined with matter and the mega dipole of the Universe.  During Shirodhara, the brain releases specific biochemical secretions which act like a chemical messenger to heal body, mind and spirit. Old Indian sages realized that Shirodhara changes any mistakes in the DNA blueprint and destroys disease which has disturbed natural design. Shirodhara reprograms this process and the release of mental demons – like fear, jealousy, anxiety, excessive thinking, phobias, insomnia, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder like hoarding, guilt, lack of self-worth, ego, hysteria, mood swings addictions inability to unlearn etc. as well as the physical and rejuvenation aspects. When the mind returns to a balanced level of consciousness, it acquires a freedom to move. Grace and peace are the hallmark of a healthy, non-delusional mind in a healthy body. In that state, happiness is stable as the mind becomes closer to its natural state. In short, people who have one leg in the past and one leg in the future need to focus in the present moment. 


MUSIC THERAPY Music provides a healthy version of sound-vibration which help to remove illnesses and engender a healthy spirit, mind & body. Every sound carries with it some content of words, vibrations, tone, rhythms, tunes, pitches and certain intensity of frequencies. A mantra makes a particular impact on a living being which is helpful in correcting disarranged rhythms of body as well as in the mind. Humans enjoy rhythmic patterns of heartbeat, lung, gastrointestinal movements as well as the function of each and every call and tissue in the body and mind. The vibration of music have a profound effect on the subconsciousness mind which in turn reorganizes and tones the normal rhythm of body organs.


Indian music embraces RAGAS (Instrumental), ALAPS (Vocal), VANI (speech). The sound and human vibrations harmonize to provide a healthy resonance in mind and body. Specific sounds elicit specific emotions and toxins which impact different cells.


Shirodhara is not only healing but elicits energy, kindness, compassion and  combined with music will provide perfect health.


SHIRODHARAH with MUSIC THERAPY treatmentS are given all over the world with good results. A successful treatment is individualized, patients have to be assessed very carefully not only from a mental perspective, but from a physical standpoint including questions about daily diet, profession, working condition, exercise, routines and relationships. A thorough examination helps to identify the key symptoms and potential causes of illness.

Only through an in-depth patient consultation can oils and music be selected according to his/her needs. 

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