Turiya Therapy

On Sep 04, 2015

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Turiya Therapy

From : Sep 04, 2015 6.00 AM
To : Sep 27, 2015 9.00 PM
Venue : Surrey, BC.
Contact : 63425

Ayurveda & Turiya Therapy


Ayurveda is the world's oldest holistic health science. "Turiya" is a repertoire of hands-on contact techniques based in Ayurvedic “MARMA” (energy point) Therapy which seeks to still the mind,support self-realization and transcend psycho-emotional causes of ‘dis-ease’.

Turiya therapy is safe, effective, easy to learn and profound to apply.

Learn the “General Session”, an introduction to Turiya Therapy including basic concepts, assessment techniques, chakra balancing, marma points, cranial protocols, mind/body principles, and much more.

Turiya Therapy has its roots in Polarity Therapy and Ayurvedic medicine, and recognizes unresolved emotions as pathogens while offering powerful hands-on techniques for psycho-emotional and psycho-spiritual self healing.

Balancing the Doshas” introduces more than six new protocols and techniques to deepen the “General Session”. You will learn how to identify "doshas" and to use protocols for balancing Vata (air principle), Pitta (fre principle) and Kapha (earth principle) and their respective balancing protocols in Marma Chikitsa (Turiya Therapy). This program is suited to those with some knowledge of Ayurveda who want to deepen their clinical bodywork practice. Prerequisite: Ayurveda Studies Program.

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