"Ayurveda means the “science of life” It is based on an ancient Indian practice which regards all life as being a part of nature and as such should be treated that way. Imbalances are considered disease and the aim is to bring back balance of body, mind, spirit and all things in nature. Ayurvedic practices are  in harmony with nature.



Spreading The Art of Self Healing



PRESIDENT - Ann Holaday RAC (Registered Ayurvedic Clinician) 

I was born in South Wales, U.K. during a time of great chaos in Europe. My father was in the British army in India and I spent my formative years in air-raid shelter with my mother. After the war we were relocated to the North of England with my father’s work in the civil service. I went to a private school to receive my higher education and excelled in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English Language and Literature. I trained and qualified in Radiation Therapy at the Holt Radium Institute in Manchester and later gained a bachelors in Radiation Therapy at Ruskin University allied with Cambridge University UK. I married and had three children. My daughter was born in Yorkshire and my two sons in Hampshire. When my family was very young we emigrated to Puerto Rico where my husband worked as a petrochemical engineer.

Whilst in Puerto Rico I worked as a radiation therapist at a small Oncology clinic and learnt to speak Spanish. After seven years we moved to San Antonio, Texas with my husband’s job and I worked at the Cancer Therapy and Research Centre as chief technologist. I managed eleven therapists, nurses aides and 5 treatment machines. I developed and accredited a one-year and a two-year program for Radiation Therapy which is now a four-year degree program at Saint Marcus University in Texas.

My husband died after four years in Texas. I remarried Dr. Holaday a Radiation Oncologist/Pathologist and we moved to Longview, Washington. He and I established and developed the Radiation Oncology practice at Peace Health. I trained the staff, was technical administrator and manager of Radiation Therapy and my husband was Medical Director. Soon after our arrival we started a fund-raiser “Festival of Trees” for cancer patients which is still in existence and raises considerable funds for the community.

After twelve years my husband retired as Director of Radiation Oncology and I resigned soon after. In retirement we traveled extensively throughout the States and Canada in our Airstream trailer. We had a boat and sailed the Canadian and American waters of the Pacific NorthWest. I qualified and worked as a financial advisor for a while, but did not like watching money all day. My son was in a serious mountain climbing accident and ten years after that I wrote and published a book about it - “The Mountain Never Cries”. My husband William J. Holaday died suddenly seven years after retirement having had major heart surgery ten years previously. Soon after his death I took a job in Radiation Therapy in New Zealand as a manager, but it was too soon after my husband’s death and I didn’t stay long. I continued to work as a locum in New Zealand and California, but soon realized that Radiation Therapy no longer held a purpose and was not fulfilling for me.

Over the past fifteen years I have traveled extensively in New Zealand, Australia and Marquesas Islands. I took a freighter from Australia to San Francisco and again around the world. I traveled in China, took a teaching English as a second language CELTA course in Barcelona and taught English on my travels. I have traveled throughout Vietnam, France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey, India and of course I know England, Scotland and Wales like the back of my hand. I worked as a live-in carer in Oxford, England for a while.

I have a wonderful family. My daughter Joanne lives in Texas, she and her husband, Mike have a thriving plant nursery business. My older son Ross and his wife live in San Francisco. He is a successful classical guitarist and his wife Ann is very successful in information technology. My younger son Giles lives in Seattle. He is amazingly talented in design, construction and project management. My sister lives in Austin with her husband and two girls. I am truly blessed to have two grandsons who are by far the most handsome and talented young men on the entire continent. Lewis is a very talented pianist and goes to Cornish School of Music in Seattle and Colin will be starting at University of Washington in the fall of 2015. He does not quite know what he will be doing as a career. I have many step children and step grandchildren, Amy, Gail, Jay, Wendy, Lynne, Lucy, Rebecca, Hannah, Nicole, Jessica, Lauden, Ian, Cory, Brendan, Lauren, Ben, Taylor, Jordan, Todd and Eric.

My interest in spirituality and natural medicine took me to India ten years ago and since then I have been studying Ayurveda in India with the JIVA Institute and have taken a Government of India Diploma at the Ayurveda College in Kerala. In the States I have studied at the Ayurvedic Institute and have taken their Gurukula Program in Pune, India. I qualified as a Yoga and Ayurveda Educator through the American Institute of Vedic Studies. I am involved with the Art of Living in the US and with Yoga Vidya in Germany.

Three years ago I started an internet television channel “According to Ayurveda TV” with my colleague Seth, but found that it was far too expensive and impractical to do alone. So the last two years have been spent learning film editing, recording and producing educational videos Ayurveda. In my journey I have become passionate about the plight of unwanted newborns and young children all over the world and want to raise the awareness of women and of our responsibility towards future generations. I want to start a movement of older men and women to be the mentors for young people in all aspects of human reproduction. We are the sages we must contribute what we know from our life experience to the future of humanity. 

I presented a paper at the AAPNA meeting in Lucknow and Global Ayurveda Festival in Cochin in India on  "Protection and Nurturing of Unwanted Newborns from Conception to Normal Healthy Development (the right of all children)” I did a workshop on “Integration of Yoga and Ayurveda at a Community Level” at Yoga Vidya in Germany. Recently “Integration of Ayurveda & Allopathy in Reproduction,  Pregnancy and Newborns” at the 4th International Conference on Holistic Medicine at MG University Kottayam, India and again at the 6th World Ayurveda Conference in Delhi India.

My life experiences of being a mother, wife, widow, my career in medicine as a practitioner, manager and educator with Ayurveda as my passion, I am fully prepared to take the “Science of Life” to the world. I believe that a radio show on Ayurveda coupled with a web-site where educational materials are easily accessible, will be an effective way to spread the word. The internet can reach people in all walks of life in every corner of the world giving everyone the opportunity to learn about this vast subject. Through the ATAY Global Community of Professionals the “right knowledge” can be spread putting Ayurveda on to the lips of every person everywhere. Together we can make a difference, help to change the direction of the world by being Local Ayurveda Communities and forming a Global Ayurveda Community.


According To Ayurveda & Yoga "Global Community" Owner Director

Ann Holaday BSc. Radiation Therapy

RAC Registered Ayurvedic Clinician

PHD-in life experience



VICE- PRESIDENT - Madan Thangavelu Ph.D.

Madan is a genome biologist with an unusually diverse academic background and range of research interests.  He was born in 1959 in Trivandrum in the state of Kerala (India).  Before Cambridge, he studied Agriculture and has a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and a Master’s in Plant Breeding and Genetics – both from Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar in the North Indian state of Haryana.  As an Inlaks Foundation Scholar (1982 Trinity Hall) his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics on the genes for the cytoskeletal protein actin was conducted at the erstwhile Plant Breeding Institute, Trumpington. The study provided the first evidence for extensive tissue level expression of members of the very large family of actin genes in plants. His post-doctoral research experiences span areas in plant, fungal, bacterial and human cancer genomics.  His current primary research interest is the development of single DNA molecule and single cell techniques for genome analysis.  




As a Leverhulme Foundation Research Fellow (1999) at the MRC-Laboratory of Molecular Biology MRC-LMB) and later as a Research Fellow at the Medical Research Council - Cancer Cell Unit and Department of Oncology, University of Cambridge he developed novel approaches and applications of single DNA molecule and single cell approaches for analysis of genomes and genome dynamics and genome variation.  He is the inventor of the Molecular Copy Counting technique - very high resolution and high sensitive technique for describing genomic variation at the level of single cells and single DNA molecules. These techniques are providing unusual insights into the highly plastic nature of the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes and the epigenome and novel ways to map and describe the dynamics of DNA changes in normal processes like aging and in human disease including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and various inherited diseases. The techniques also point to uncertainty in biology which calls for complementary approaches for appreciating human health and disease particularly in the highly intractable areas of human aging, psychosomatic diseases and disease complexes where direct approaches are unlikely to yield results.  




Madan was Consultant to the Medical Research Council (20 Park Crescent, London W1B 1AL) and involved in business development activities on behalf of Medical Research Council Technology (MRC-T ) for ‘Cambridge Genomics Ltd.’, a MRC-T / MRC-LMB start-up company.


Madan Thangavelu Ph.D.

Molecular Genetic - University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

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