AYURVEDA YOGA AND BEAUTY - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but beauty within is recognized by the perceiver and the perceived. Controlling the mind is the key to inner beauty, when we are happy, peaceful, loving and contented then we are beautiful to others and to ourselves. Modern living takes it’s toll on our appearance - in and out of air-conditioning and heating, lack of fresh air and sunshine, improper diet and lifestyle all contribute to premature aging, poor immunity and illness. The first step to complete beauty is to understand our true nature and to take an active role in bringing every aspects into balance. The skin is the largest organ and whatever is put on it will go into the system through lymph and will ultimately affect the organs. Therefore, if it cannot be eaten it should not be applied to the skin. Common beauty products as well as household cleaners, chemicals and known toxins will enter the body through the skin, they are stored in the tissues and will eventually cause disease.

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