AYURVEDA, YOGA AND AGING - Aging is generally defined by those who are not old. From the perspective of Voiceamerica host Ann Holaday, an old person, that definition is mostly wrong. We begin to age as soon as we are born, but the spiritual self which determines our view of the world, remains the same throughout life. The physical body, the mind, the view we have of ourselves and the perception which others have of us, are what change. Loneliness, isolation and lack of purpose are the biggest issues which modern elderly face since families are spread apart, everyone is working, home-life and neighborhoods disappearing. Around 45-55 years our constitution changes from pitta, which has the quality of heat and are the reproductive years, to vata when the qualities of air and space are more dominant. There are eighty diseases related to the disturbance of vata and if we don’t manage our health according to ayurveda, then vata will be aggravated even more. There are a number of common complaints related to aging, such as arthritis, dementia, incontinence, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, all are discussed in aging.

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