SUBTLE THERAPIES - Subtle therapies stimulate the subtle nature of the body and have a direct affect on the nervous system, the conscious and subconscious mind. They are effective for emotional and mental disturbances ranging from anxiety, stress and worry to chronic conditions such as depression and autism. Mental disturbances are caused by vata aggravation and by combining therapies, emotional and mental balance can be restored. Essential oils are the pure essence of plants and are used in aromatherapy to effect subtle energy. Shirodarah meaning “pouring oil on the head”, is associated with pancha karma, a detoxifying process in ayurveda in which oil is poured on the third eye for a period of time. Marma therapy originated in marshal art in Kerala, India and is similar to acupressure in Chinese medicine. Music therapy is stimulating to the nadis bringing balance to the subtle energies affecting the mind. Using the sitar, an ancient India stringed instrument a vibration is created in treatment.

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