AYURVEDA AND YOGA - Yoga is the practice of uniting body, mind and spiritual self to achieve wholeness. It was realized by the Rishis, the sages of ancient India about ten thousand years ago and was systemized by Patanjali. He devised ashtanga yoga which are eight limbs or actions which are a systematic method by which one can prepare the body and mind to achieve higher states of awareness through meditation. Yoga is usually associated with asana which is the physical part of the practice and was developed so that yogis could sit in silence and stillness for long periods of time. Asana is only a part of Hatha Yoga, one of many yoga practices. The healing power of ayurveda and yoga are profound as it influences gross and subtle energies. Subtle energies are associated with mental, emotional and spiritual health and are nourished through meditation. The energy centers (chakras), channels (nadis) and energy source (kundalini) are described in this program and how they influence the body and our well-being. Yogacharya (yoga teacher)

Unite - Lecture 17

Yoga is much more than the practice of postures. It connects the body and mind on a deep level and brings peace and awareness.

Traditional Yoga Practices - Lecture 18

Four Yogas are described “Bhakti Yoga” yoga of devotion, “Jnana Yoga “ yoga of knowledge, “Karma Yoga” yoga of action, “Hatha Yoga” physical & psychological yoga, Common practice today is a combination of all four “Integral Yoga”

Eight Limbs of Yoga - Outer Yoga - Lecture 19

The first four of the eight limbs of yoga details the practice of outer yoga, “Nyamas” (rules of personal conduct) “Yamas” (rules of social conduct) “Asana” (postures) “Pranayama” (yogic breathing).

Eight Limbs of Yoga - Inner Yoga - Lecture 20

The last four of the eight limbs of yoga details the practice of inner yoga, “Pratyahara” (withdrawal of the senses) “Dharana” (concentration) “Dhyana” (meditation) “Samadhi” (absorption).

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