WOMAN’S HEALTH Holistic health recognizes that body, mind and spirit are not only connected but interconnected. The female body goes through significant transformation in puberty, in pregnancy and in menopause and ayurveda believes that these naturally occurring processes should be supported by natural means. Natural childbirth, reproductive issues and support for women related to health will be discussed. Men and women have masculine and feminine energies and the feminine is that of nurturing, caring and emotion which nature gives for procreation. Traditionally, the Goddess was revered for her creative powers but in modern society the role of mother is degraded and the feminine is exploited as a sexual symbol. This attitude is reflected in young women especially when her body is preparing for childbearing but the society sees it as something to be capitalized upon. Furthermore the workplace neither recognizes nor makes allowances for the challenges which women face because they are female.

An Ayurvedic Approach to Women's Healthy Menstrual

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