LIVING IN HARMONY WITH NATURE - The goal of According To Ayurveda & Yoga is to bring together globally those who are interested in the conservation of nature and environment i.e. the preservation of the five elements, space: air (atmosphere): water (rivers and oceans): earth (soils and land). The cultures, forests, pure water, marine life, animal, insect, microbial species, active soils are disappearing at an alarming rate. We must join together globally to fight this destruction. We we are all in this together and only by working together can we save our planet. Let's stop the madness. Share your expertise on Composing: Recycling: Permaculture: Community gardens: Organic gardening: Reintroducing native plants and food: Eating locally: Small cottage industries that honor craftsmanship and skill. These issues will be discussed on talk radio Voice America Videos and blogs relating to this subject are welcome send to JOIN THE CONVERSATION.

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According to Ayurveda & Yoga

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