AYURVEDA, YOGA AND SPIRITUALITY Spirituality is rarely understood and should not be confused with religion even though there is an element of spirituality in all religions. Thousands of years ago philosophy blossomed in India when sages explored and understood the wonders of the Universe and the role of man on earth. They listened to the sounds of the Universe, interpreted them and taught the people by telling stories they could understand. In the first program the Vedic theory of creation was discussed in which Purusha was said to be the source of consciousness. Spirituality is very personal because we all have a spiritual nature which has an inherent desire to connect to cosmic consciousness. It is our sense of self or identification (EGO) when directed inward, that allows us to make this connection. However, in the material world the ego is mostly directed outward by pleasures and desires, and prevents us from achieving spiritual awareness. Dr. Ravindranath, a Vedic scholar, will share his knowledge in this show.

Energy Centres of Transformation - Chakras, Kundalini, Sleep & Koshas

The Chakras are the centres of transformation and the koshas are subtle energy fields. The Kundalini is the dormant pranic energy stored in the root chakra. View more videos at According to Ayurveda & Yoga: Ayurveda & Yoga Spiritual Page

Qualities of the Mind - Sattva, Rajas, Tamas

The qualities of the five elements influence the mind, these are the GUNAS, Sattva (quality of purity and contentment) Rajas (quality of action and change) and Tamas (quality of inertia and dullness). More videos at According to Ayurveda & Yoga Ayurveda & Yoga Spirituality Page

Determining the Mind Gunas - Sattva, Rajas, Tamas

In order to reach a higher state of awareness, the mind must have a predominantly sattvic quality, that is purity of body and mind. Unlike prakriti (true nature) of body and mind the gunas can be changed through diet and lifestyle. By gaining control of rajas, the tendency towards action, tamas the tendency towards inertia the mind will become more sattvic. More videos & blogs at According To Ayurveda & Yoga - Spirituality Page

Life Force and Energy Channels - Prana, Nadis

Prana is the life force brought into the body through the breath. Pranic energy is carried throughout the body by the nadis. There are three main nadis and 72,000 minor channels in the body. View this video, blogs and more at According to Ayurveda & Yoga at Ayurveda & Yoga Spirituality Page


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