AYURVEDA - YOGA AND PHYSICAL HEALTH Ayurveda is holistic medicine based on the five elements. space or ether, air, fire, water and earth. We will discover how the five elements affect physical health. The energies of the the five elements are described as VATA, space and air or “That which moves”, PITTA, fire or “That which transforms” and KAPHA, water and earth or “That which sustains.” These are the “THE DOSHAS” and are one of three pillars of health described in ayurveda. Any imbalance is a disease according to ayurveda and it is the aggravation of the DOSHAS that cause disease. In ayurveda, digestion means not only the digestion of food, but the digestion of thoughts and experiences. Strong digestive fire is one of the main pathways to health and if food isn’t digested properly it creates toxins which accumulate in the body over time and cause disease. Sleep is the diet of the mind and is crucially important to complete health. The questionnaire on this page will help you to determine the true nature of your physical health.

Two States of the Doshas

The Doshas are in two states Prakriti or true nature and Vikriti present state and aggravated state which are determined on examination.

The Doshas, Vata - Pitta - Kapha

Everybody has a unique combination of the five elements in the body which are called “Doshas"

Characteristics of the Doshas

The doshas manifest as physical characteristic which are governed by the qualities or GUNAS.

Aggravation of the Doshas - Vikriti

Doshas are aggravated and vary because of the environment, diet, lifestyle and age.

Determining Prakriti - True Nature Questionnaire

Determining Prakriti Our true nature is what we are born with and is determined by the prakriti of our parents, it never changes. The questionnaire on the Physical Health page of According To Ayurveda & Yoga will determine your prakriti and by watching this video it will help you to analyze the results.

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